Why I love my husband

I got barbeque sauce on my face today while eating ribs.  Of course I didn’t know it and of course Brian looked at me, laughed, and then said, “You’ve got shit all over your face, go look in the mirror.” This happens all the time. I’m not a messy eater but I do like to get all the meat off my ribs and that has certain consequences. I asked him if this shit-on-the-face-all-the-time thing was disgusting or endearing. He said, while still laughing, that it was endearing, and then explained, “You always think I’m making fun of you, but I’m not. I’m laughing along with you, it’s just that you haven’t started laughing yet.” Ohhh, right. Because you can totally laugh along with someone if they’re not laughing!

When I told him I was going to blog his explanation of why it’s okay that he laughs at me all the time, his response was, “Are you going to include a photo of yourself with shit in your teeth?”

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  • hahahahahaha – I love your husband too! Too funny!

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