Whole30 Update, Perfectionism, & Happiness

I can’t believe I thought I was going to blog about my Whole30 regularly, even daily. Clearly I am delusional. You have probably guessed by the fact that I did not blog more regularly that I did not stick with the Whole30. I did about five days and I was like the incredible shrinking woman, so after emailing a bit with Dallas from Whole9 (creators of the Whole30 program), I quit. For those of you who want to clean up your diet and lose weight, a Whole30 is a good idea. For those of you who want to clean up your diet and gain weight…well, I don’t know. Maybe a Whole30 is a good idea if you prepare and have a lot of high-calorie foods in your house. And aren’t nursing a little baby. For me it didn’t go well because I was apparently relying heavily on cheese and yogurt to increase my caloric intake, and wasn’t able to consume enough without them to keep my weight up. Taking care of two kids and a house and nursing a baby is a lot of work! So I quit the Whole30, went back to my dairy, and…felt like crap.

I’ve had a life-long intolerance for dairy. When I eat dairy I get super congested and my skin breaks out and I just don’t feel that great. But I LOVE dairy. And when I was pregnant with and nursing Dylan I found that I was mostly immune to the issues I usually experience so I figured I could eat dairy sans problems while pregnant with and nursing Mira. This has not been the case but I ignored how I felt. Anyone else do this? Anyway, after stopping the dairy for five days and then going back on it for a week I could no longer ignore how awful it was making me feel. In addition, my skin was breaking out and if vanity is not a motivator then I don’t know what is! I knew it was a problem for me and I should not be eating it…and yet…I continued for a few more days. And felt even worse! So I had my chiropractor muscle test me to confirm that the dairy was a problem, which of course turned out to be the case. So I’m off the dairy again.

It’s been about 10 days and I have to say I am feeling so much better and my skin is almost totally clear again. I’m hungry but not dropping weight as fast as I was on the Whole30. I’m trying really hard to eat a lot of nuts and coconut, nut butter, and generally bigger portions of all the other foods I eat. Like a huge yam with a tablespoon of butter rather than a small yam with a teaspoon of butter. It’s doable. I’ve been dairy-free before, obviously for years at a time, but never while nursing and that’s the kicker. I really feel those extra 600 calories that I’m using every day! Haters gonna hate, and I’m certainly happy to not be overweight, but I’m eight pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and that sucks. I feel weak and my pants are falling off! I know that in addition to eating enough I will have to start lifting heavy weights again if I want to put the weight back on, but I’m not willing work out until I’m consistently getting decent sleep.

My perfectionist tendencies make it hard to accept that I cannot do it all right now. I can’t eat perfectly, look amazing, feel amazing, take care of my kids, keep my house spotless, etc. So I’ve decided to focus on eating food that nourishes me (because food is either medicine or poison, really) and getting more sleep. Hopefully once those become second nature the other pieces will all fall into place. It’s hard to cut myself slack even though Mira is only five months old, but I am going to try. If I could go easier on myself I bet I would be so much happier!

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  • Ooo, that sounded rough. I need to lose weight and I already exercise and eat pretty well, so the Whole30 has helped with that. I have hit a wall with the weight. I guess I have to pump up my workouts, but it’s still a little frustrating. I plan on staying as close as I can to a Whole30 lifestyle and have some almond flour treats here and there and maybe a Paleo margarita. It is May after all.

    My skin does look much better sans dairy. Man I don’t want that to be true because parm on veggies is a favorite of mine. Err.

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