What We Eat: Local Grapefruit

local grapefruit

Did you know that if you remove all of the membrane from your grapefruit, it won’t taste bitter anymore? I’m not saying it’ll be sweet like an orange, but grapefruit sans membrane is much, much tastier than grapefruit with membrane. By “membrane” I mean not only the pith but all of that thin skin that forms the fruit into wedges. You’ll need to use a sharp knife to get rid of all of it, but it is worth the effort. To think I spent 32 years declaring my hatred of grapefruit and all I had to do was ditch the membrane to discover a new form of citrusy joy!

The grapefruit pictured above came in our CSA box and is both local and organic. We’ve been getting local grapefruit from a variety of sources since the beginning of this year and I still think it’s weird to live in a place where citrus is local.

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  • Haven’t had one in years (decades dammit), but as I recall the way to eat a grapefruit is: Cut the grapefruit in half, across the wedges. Now you have two “bowls” (organic too). Scoop out and eat the fruity bits with a teaspoon, leaving the membrane behind. No peeling, no filleting, no dishes to wash. 🙂

    They were still kind of bitter, but maybe your local ones are better… because they are picked when fully ripe. Hmmm. Another advantage to locally grown food.

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