Warren Magnusen Dog Park

This post is a bit overdue, but lately I’m finding that time just gets away from me. A combination of not feeling well, spending so much time working/commuting, and the weather. All the rumors you’ve heard that the weather here in Seattle just isn’t so great are true. People keep telling me it’s worth it to suffer through fall, winter, and spring just to experience the Seattle summers, but my opinion is that they are all insane. Why suffer for nine months of the year when you could just live somewhere else?

Anyway, last weekend we made a family trip across town to visit the Warren G. Magnusen dog park, which includes a dog beach, and it made Cooper’s day. I just love to make his day, it’s one of my favorite things to do! It was strange to be at a dog beach in cold weather, since we are used to going only in the summer. We didn’t have our wellies on, so couldn’t walk into the water at all, something we always did at the dog beach in Annapolis. But there were so many dogs there and Cooper was much more interested in running around with them than playing fetch with us, so we didn’t really need to do much beside stand around anyway. After he swam and splashed and chased for about an hour we explored the rest of the off-leash area, which includes several large play areas and a wide fenced dirt walking path that’s about a mile long. It was really fun to be able to walk with Cooper off-leash and not worry about his safety. Photos from our excursion are below for your viewing pleasure. A side note about the photos – I know I keep saying I will start taking real photos and putting them on the blog, but with my lack of time quick iPhone shots are all I can manage lately!

We took a little detour walking from the car to the dog area so we could check out the views.

My gorgeous boy.

It was really misty for some reason even in the middle the of the day.

More mist.

Strange graffiti on an abandoned building in the park.

The dog beach. That’s Brian on the right.

We did get Cooper to pay attention to us very briefly!

Sky views on the way back to the car. It was only 2pm at this point, but doesn’t it look much later? That’s Seattle for you.

Water views and a weird sculpture.

A parking lot! Actually, this shot it supposed to be of Mt. Rainier (that light grayish lump on the horizon) but the iPhone is so wide-angle that it ended up not quite turning out.

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  • Nice pix and commentary. I believe the mist you described is called a “marine layer” — just don’t ask me what a “marine layer” is. 😉

    I think Cooper will be an excellent dogbrother.

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