The Crying Shame

Saturday evening we met up with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Fred, and Cousin Brian at Conor Byrne in Ballard to watch Cousin Eric’s band play. They were amazing! We were seriously impressed and are looking forward to seeing them again (we’ll have to fit them in among all the other awesome shows that are coming up). After the show we had a family dinner at The Barking Dog (also in Ballard) — mmmm, halibut & chips! The shots below are of The Crying Shame (Eric is on the far left), Uncle Fred and Cousin Brian at the show, and the giant brownie sundae Cousin Brian got at dinner that he had to share with his parents (that’s Uncle Fred you see swooping in for a bite).


  • Nice to see these shots — looks like a fun place to be / eat. Ballard seems like a really cool town.

  • Ballard is our neighborhood, it’s great! You’ll see it all when you come for Christmas 🙂

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