The Black Kids @ Easy Street Records

Friday after work we stopped at Easy Street Records to see The Black Kids play a free show. It was a very spare acoustic set, almost to the point of being a cappella, and it was incredible! I liked them okay when I heard their recorded stuff, but they really shine during a live performance. A highlight of our outing was seeing incredible sunset views of downtown and Mount Rainier from the top of Queen Anne after the show. Mount Rainier is just to the right of the Space Needle (above the top of the apartment building) in the photo below. Then, on our way home, we stopped at the overlook in our neighborhood to see the sunset – the water is Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains are in the background (and that marina that you see is just south of Golden Gardens park for those who like to map this stuff). But wait! It gets better – we were home by 7pm and still had time to catch up on Heroes (are the writers for this still on strike? It’s so weird this season!) and The Office before turning in early. A pretty perfect night!

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  • OMG..what a beautiful sunset!
    You are SO lucky to have that view just a few minutes from your house.
    I am jealous!
    I hope you have many to enjoy this Fall/Winter!
    Next time we come up, if possible, i would like to go witness one myself from that vantage point!
    Lv, aunt kathy

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