The B+ Parent

The amazing Anna Quindlen strikes again! Came across this interview on Momfilter (a newish hip online magazine for moms) and am once again floored by how right-on her observations about parenting are. For example:

“I think having bright lines and boundaries really worked for us, that it made our kids strong and secure because they were clear on expectations and responsibilities. But I wish I had been better able to combine that with letting things go a little bit. Nobody really needs a bath every night. Nobody really needs a balanced meal for every meal. I should have let the freak flag fly a bit more. It’s hard to be a Type A mom. I wish I could have been a bit more B plus, for my sake and their own.”

A big part of my absence from this blog has been due to my desire to focus more on real life, on the tangible things that matter, like being present for and with Dylan. Not to say I’m giving up my own interests and shelving my creative impulses to be the best mom ever, but I’m making a lot of decisions lately by putting them through the “looking back” filter. As in, when I look back on my life, what do I want to see? What will matter? I have been trying really hard to just enjoy this time, because it’s going fast and someday soon it will be gone. So maybe that means I am not writing my blog, but maybe that also means that I am relaxing my standards a little bit and remembering that the purpose of life is to have fun, not to get to the end with a perfect grade.

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  • Hi Jessica, I found you through your comment on Michelle’s blog. I really like your blog! Just wanted to comment because I’m a mom of 3 and recently started a blog and have been trying to figure out how to balance blogging and real life. Needless to say, blogging often doesn’t happen…and perfect parenting doesn’t happen, either! I’m trying to relax & have more fun, too. Anna Q. is one of my favorites, so I take her advice seriously. 😉

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