Sunny Thursday

Last Thursday was really sunny. I took the morning off from work to take care of some things, one of which was a walk with Cooper through our neighborhood. I am supposed to be walking everyday, but have had trouble doing so either because of “morning” sickness (mine lasts all day) or lack of time. With my commute, my workday is over 10 hrs, and then with all the extra sleep I need to fight the pregnancy-induced exhaustion I’ve been experiencing, I barely have time to shower and eat. Additionally, we don’t have much daylight here in Seattle and I often commute both ways in the dark. So, it was a real treat to be outside with Cooper during daylight hours, especially on a sunny day!

Marina at Golden Gardens with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

Electric car getting a charge (that’s the tip of Cooper’s tail in the foreground).

Even in the winter, plant life remains lush here because it’s so damp and rarely freezes.

Some people in our neighborhood have really incredible views from their homes.

I liked the look of these few red leaves left on the vine. This shot is even better with a dog silhouette and the shadow of my hand, don’t you think?


Dahlias! Still blooming in December, and the blooms are almost as big as my head.

Soaking up the sun post-walk. I think the gray days get him down because whenever the sun comes out he just has to be in it. He sat like this for about 15 minutes and then got up and drank an entire bowl of water, a process that was repeated three times. After the final round he curled up next to me on the couch and passed out. Yes!

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  • Nice to see! The red leaves photo is totally Flickr-worthy. 😉

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