A Sorry Breakfast

Today for breakfast I had two pieces of spinach & onion frittata, an apple, a few ounces of Australian cheddar, a whole boatload of blueberries, a few strawberries, and some leftover cole slaw. I am still hungry. This is the result of going to bed without dinner last night and being a nursing mama. Yeah, I went to bed without dinner because there was a big argument and a lot of pouting, and now I am really paying the price. I am extremely stubborn, and that resolve often bites me in the ass. Do you do that? Please tell me I am not the only one who does that. Also, tell me what you had for breakfast. I think I’ll spend Dylan’s entire nap this morning eating, and I’m looking for ideas for what to devour next. Currently, I am eyeing the leftover ribs.

Also, on a semi-related note, did your mother ever use the phrase “Starving Armenian” when you were little? Mine did, but not in the usual context, which would be as a part of a guilt trip to encourage a spoiled and recalcitrant child to finish their food (similar to the “starving children in China/Africa/Wherever”). No, my mother, and maybe even my father, too, I can’t remember, referred to me as a Starving Armenian because of my unending appetite. How weird is that? And très inappropriate, too, like most things in the 80’s. The older I get the more frequently random memories from way back bubble up to the surface of my consciousness. But the older I get, the less I trust the truth of those memories. What really happened, and what has been turned into something different by the passage of time?


  • I’m sorry about your argument! I hope all is well now.

    Thanks to my new mandoline, I made giant sweet potato “latkes,” which I jazzed up with some cumin and hot curry powder and served with a side of Greek yogurt. (I use quotes because I did not fry the latkes.) They were delicious!

  • Ok – you are definitely not the only one who has done this….look at me, and look where I am now. My advice to you….make a nice dinner for tonight, have a glass of wine or split a beer, and work it out. Much of my life I butted heads with the one I loved because I felt the need to be right. There is always a compromise. You were probably tired, frustrated, anxious about something? You’ve been through a lot these last months…. it’s to be expected – you are all adjusting to new things. Just remember that there is always a compromise that you can reach together. It will all turn out ok. No one is perfect – everyone get’s their ass bit once in awhile! You are awesome Jessica… don’t ever forget that!

  • Yes Jessica,

    My mother used the same phrase in the same context as yours. With rare exception did they have to cajole me into eating anything. In our house you ate, or you waited until breakfast the next day and I liked most things that were placed in front of me. There are some notable exceptions and your father hassles me about them on a semi-regular basis.

    I hate having to swallow my pride. It usually gets stuck in my throat.

  • My mother used the same phrase in the same context as yours.

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