Scenes of Fall in Seattle

I’ve been a bit under the weather recently, which is why I haven’t updated the blog as much. I have taken a few photos, though, which I thought you might like to see!

The view out our living room window; I think this is a cherry tree. This photo is about four days old and the tree now has less than half the leaves you see in the photo.

Brian and Cooper headed down the super-steep stairs that lead to our local dog park.

The dog park was a pit of mud. I am so, so glad that I bought some rubber boots for the wet Seattle winter!

Not a great shot, but I know some of you are craving Cooper pics. This is at the dog park, and he’s got a small football (made of tennis ball material) in his mouth. Brian and I were splattered with mud from head to toe just from sitting on the sidelines as the dogs raced around through the mud pit.

Wet moss and leaves on the way home from the park. The metal edges on the stairs seem like a bad idea for a place as consistently wet as Seattle!

The result of the dog park excursion: a tired puppy who fell asleep with his head on his papa’s shoulder. Yes, Brian realized his luck and was extremely grateful!

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  • Nice too see — hope you feel better soon — I look forward to your blog posts.

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