Rump Roast

Meat Cuts

Today I will be making my first rump roast. The rump is denoted by the number “3” in the image above. I will be attempting to do my roast on the stovetop, as my 6-quart pot is not oven-safe. (Yeah, I know, I need to remedy that!) I’ve roasted chickens, turkeys, and pork shoulders (also known as pork butts; that probably deserves its own post), but all in the oven. I’ve made beef stew on the stovetop, but that was different because the beef was in chunks and I always use my mom’s foolproof beef bourguignon recipe. Anyway, my rump is small (Ha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist), only about 2 lbs., so I figure the stovetop method shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. I will report back with stories of my grand success!

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