Rescued Puppy Update

Remember this little guy?

Well, we just found out a couple days ago that he was reunited with his owner the day we picked him up and took him to the shelter! I was so happy to hear this news, I almost cried. I felt so good that we stopped for him and took him somewhere safe where he’d have a good shot at getting back home to his family. It only took an hour start to finish once we pulled over for him.

If you see a stray dog when you’re out and about, please take it to the nearest shelter! My dad told me that he now keeps some old towels in the trunk of his car just in case he ever needs to pick up a stray. An extra leash and small tupperware for water would also be good items to put in your just-in-case-you-find-a-stray kit.

One Comment

  • Mind reader! 😉 I was just thinking of picking up a leash and collar. But I hadn’t thought of a water bowl. Good tip.

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