Relaxing Tuesday Night

Brian is at yoga, so it’s just me and Cooper tonight. I made myself a simple but tasty dinner consisting of a kale & onion frittata and some small red potatoes, which I quartered and roasted with olive oil, sea salt (a mix of fine and coarse grain), pepper, and paprika. I also have a big fresh salad. After I finish eating I’ll take Coop on a short walk and then sink into a relaxing bath complete with lavender oil. I’ve been having a lot of back pain lately and am hoping that a hot bath and early bedtime will bring me some relief!


  • Now this is a great post! The photos have me salivating (literally!). Do more like this and you’ll be on your way.

  • Please post recipe. YUM!!! We all need our kale.

  • This is pretty. Maybe you could post your recipe when you find time? Speaking of which: Happy belated – I figured with friends & family over the holidays I would wait to call. I turn in my comps on January 23rd, and then I am prepared to be a good friend again. Are you doing prenatal yoga yet? Helps hugely with back pain.

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