Our Seattle House

The last week has been a flurry of crazed activity as we’ve looked for houses, researched PODs and moving companies, planned no fewer than five possible cross-country routes, and tried to see friends before we leave town. We did manage to find a house to rent in Seattle–no easy feat when you’re 3,000 miles away. Thanks are owed to Brian Woodruff, Joan Li (Woodruff!), and John Simons for going to visit multiple houses on our behalf. In addition to their running around, we spent endless hours staring at Craigslist and Zillow until our eyes turned red, dried up, and fell out of our heads. Finally, we came to a decision, and happily put down a deposit on a great house yesterday morning. Actually, John put down the deposit for us, which was even better, until we wrote the check to reimburse him.

Behold, our soon-to-be new home:

Isn’t it cute? I know! It’s so cute! Here’s some more eye candy for you:

If I have my way, that purple bedroom will be repainted immediately. But aside from that, it seems the house is great as-is. The front door opens to a large living/dining area with a wood-burning fireplace, and the kitchen and bathroom are also on the main floor. Upstairs are two bedrooms, which we’ll use as our bedroom and office (words cannot express our excitement about having an office). The finished portion of the basement is going to be a guest room, so come visit! The unfinished portion of the basement has a washer and dryer and plenty of room for storage. In addition to all that, we have a cute brick patio (which you can sort of see in the first photo above) and fenced yard. The house is built at the back of the lot, so all of the yard is in the front.

From the street, it looks like this:

Yup, a garage! This is, of course, a HUGE plus and Brian is especially excited about it. You can see that our yard is nice and private, which means that we’ll actually get to use it as our own little outdoor retreat and dog park. Looking at these photos is getting me all excited to get out there. Seattle is having great weather right now, I hope it lasts a few more weeks at least!

Credit for all photos in this post goes to our lovely realtor, who was impossibly patient and kind while we were being driven insane by Craigslist.

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