One-Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is our first wedding anniversary. It’s pretty amazing how quickly the last year has flown by, and equally amazing how much stuff we jam-packed into that year. We still love each other as much as we did a year ago, in case you were wondering. Actually, we probably love each other more…awww! For anyone contemplating marrying the person you love, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Brian and I were lifelong partners before we got married, but getting married provided a deeper level of commitment that has improved our relationship immensely. We’re so much nicer to each other now! When you get into a fight with your significant other when you’re not married, you may consider breaking it off, but once you’re married, the cost and hassle of divorce will encourage you to try harder to resolve your problem. Try it, it worked for us!

A few photos from our wedding day, taken by our friend Dave Sanders:

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