Morning Commute

Although it’s damp and cold, I will say one thing for Seattle: it sure is pretty! I was particularly impressed the first few mornings I commuted to work, as the views are all very lovely. Our neighborhood is cute, and my bus route takes me over the water where I get to see boats and hills and, often, dramatic skies. The pictures below were taken during my first few weeks of commuting; now it’s so dark in the mornings that it doesn’t feel like daytime until we get about 20-25 minutes into my trip.

The corner where I stand to catch the bus.

Looking across the street while waiting for the bus.

I see the same school bus everyday, it comes a few minutes before my bus.

Looking west while heading south over the Ballard Bridge.

Another view to the west from the bridge; Ballard Marina in the foreground, hills of Magnolia in the background.

Sometimes I sit on the other side of the bus! This is the view to the east from the Ballard Bridge.

View of the Space Needle as we enter downtown.

Looking south down 3rd Ave. Safeco Field is way down at the end of the road there, with the sun shining on it.


  • Cool — nice to see… 😉 Saw you had a beautiful sunset yesterday.

    Temperature-wise, it looks like we’re having similar weather — but you’re getting a tad more rain… ;(

    We actually need some rain (supposed to get some on Sat.) — we’re on an “enhanced fire watch” now due to strong winds and very low humidity.

  • I saw your link on Soule Mama – nice pictures! I’m a Seattle blogger too! Cheers, Lecia

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