2-day weekends feel like the government’s way of punishing us. For what, I don’t know. It’s inhumane.

Today Dylan only napped long enough for me to paint my toenails. Which means that I didn’t get any of the other 8,796 things on my to do list done. Priorities, people!

I think I need to wean myself off the Internet at least a little bit. Being alone in the house with the baby so much is making me a little crazy-addicted to checking email and reading blogs and such. And of course this pseudo-connecting doesn’t really assuage the loneliness, it just makes me restless and cranky and I want to do something more tangible.

brussels sprouts

I made Brussels sprouts for dinner. I have hated them all my life and then I decided out of the blue that carmelized Brussels sprouts sounded really good. I remembered a recipe I saw on Heidi’s site a long time ago and I made it for Thanksgiving and now I can’t believe I ever hated Brussels sprouts. They have appeared on our weekly menu three times recently and I still can’t get enough. Yay brassicas!

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  • Love these photos!

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