Things Like Syrup

Brian flew to Austin last night. He didn’t get to his hotel until almost midnight, and mentioned that it was still hot then. He said that it “smelled like syrup, and kind of felt like syrup, too.” He often has really unusual but very accurate ways of describing things. When someone says that Austin feels like syrup there is no confusion: it’s hot, sticky, thick, heavy. In a syrupy place, the air sits on you and makes you slow, so that all your movements feel very deliberate.

In the summer, the sun rises in Austin about 30 minutes later than it does in DC. This is of course due to Austin being so far south, and we had a discussion about the position of the earth vs. the position of the sun during different seasons and how that combined with a specific location’s distance from the equator affects day length. I’m not sure how I ever learned all that stuff but I certainly take it for granted. Do you ever stop and consider the vast amount of knowledge that you have internalized and try to figure out how you came to possess it? I often can’t remember when or how I learned specific things, it feels like I was born knowing them, which I know is not true. And then I think maybe I just feel that way because I am getting old, so old that the formal act of learning is a vague memory that I associate with a different phase of life.

Apparently, the interview went well, but we’ve learned to not count the proverbial chickens before they hatch, or even after they’ve hatched and run around all crazy-like. Brian’s been to Austin for interviews several times over the past few months, and every time it seems like whatever job he’s interviewed for is a done deal. There are verbal promises, positive feedback, and then the offers never come. Weeks later we find out that there’s a hiring freeze, or the company is being reorganized, or someone just doesn’t have their shit together, and that there will definitely not be an offer. Of course we’ve usually moved on to the next thing by then, but it still stings. Few things are worse than being led-on. You can go for a while on anticipation alone, but coming down from it is harder than up-front rejection. So, we’ll just cool our heels for a bit on this one, and keep our fingers crossed.

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  • I liked the direction of this post until the focus was diverted from me. I give it a 5 out of 10.

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