Late to the party

Ever since I quit my job to take care of Dylan I have been out of the loop. I wasn’t super on top of what’s cool when I was working, but now it’s comical how out of touch I am. I find out about stuff months after it’s had its moment and then I email links to Brian and am all DID YOU SEE THIS IT’S SO COOL and he’s like oh, I thought you saw that, it’s old, it was big on Twitter. Sigh.

Two recent examples of me being late to the party are below. I am posting them in the off chance that there is someone even less connected than me who might appreciate these lovely bits of the Internet.

The Wilderness Downtown, Chris Milk’s interactive film music video thing. I knew what it was going to be and I still cried because I am emotional like that. Go do it if you haven’t already! (Yeah, I know, you did it months ago when it was all over Twitter.)

Christoph Niemann’s NY Times blog. It’s almost painful that one person could be endowed with so much talent, nevertheless, I am grateful. This made me cry, too, because it’s that funny.


  • I’m glad you posted this. I wanted to show some people the Arcade Fire video but couldn’t remember what it was called.

    I’m later than you on the world is flat! I didn’t realize he had a blog of this stuff!

  • i absolutely love that arcade fire interactive video. too bad the town i grew up in was too small to get the full effect, but still, so great.

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