Labor Day Weekend

Our last weekend in Maryland was three days long, and since my dad and Linnie were at the beach, we had the house to ourselves. A brief recap of our weekend, more for me than for you, so I don’t forget:

Friday night we called John 10,000 times to ask him irrelevant questions about the house he went to look at for us, which he subsequently went back to on Saturday so he could put the deposit down for us. John will be receiving help painting his home in return for his patience and heroism.

Saturday we got our house in Seattle (again: thanks, John!), posted a bunch of stuff for sale online, and went out for Thai food at the Rio. The real-life Rio is almost as creepy as the Rio website! Manufactured suburban experiences always kind of weird me out. The food was okay, though, and we were happy to get out of the house. I wore my tallest high heels, and Brian commented that I was a lot taller than his other wife.

Sunday started out as almost all of our Sundays have this Summer, with a trail run on Section B of the Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls National Park. There’s a great spot about a mile in where Cooper can swim, and then we run the rest of the way through the woods on windy trails. Great Falls is roughly halfway between my dad’s house and the city, so after our run we went down to our old neighborhood farmer’s market to get our food for the week. The Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market is the best farmer’s market I’ve ever been to, and it was sad to say goodbye to the farmers we’ve been buying our food from for the past four years! I’ve really grown attached to them. I am looking forward to meeting new farmers in Washington, though, and visiting the heirloom apple orchards a few hours outside Seattle.

Sunday evening we met our friends Meg and Jay and their absolutely adorable daughter Amelia Jane (seriously, the prettiest little girl ever) for barbeque. Meg is one of the very few people who I could see everyday and never get sick of, possibly because we met at work and got used to seeing each other everyday, but more probably because Meg is amazing. Speaking of amazing, if you live near Rockville and you like kickass barbeque, get yourself down to Urban BBQ pronto. You won’t be sorry! (But your waistline might be, especially if you get fries with your ribs!)

Today was spent getting more stuff done around the house. This included playing frisbee with Brian while Cooper ran back and forth between us, attempting to intercept the frisbee. I initially thought this was cruel, but it became clear that Cooper was still having fun even though he was denied the frisbee time and time again. That dog has the best outlook on life! I got 37 bug bites on my legs within about 20 minutes (yes, I counted), which is par for the course in my dad’s yard. We spent the afternoon and evening over at Aarti’s parent’s house, celebrating the million and one things that everyone has going on. There were 14 of us there and literally every single person had something significant to celebrate. For us it was our move and our wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow. The only thing better than feeling happy for yourself is feeling happy for people you love, and it was great to be able to share our happiness with some of our closest friends on our last weekend in town.

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