Holiday Traditions

Joe Strummer guarding our Christmas tree
(That’s Joe Strummer watching over our 50’s kitsch Christmas tree)

I’ve always enjoyed my family’s holiday traditions, and now that I’m a mom I am getting pretty amped up about establishing our own unique traditions. When I think about holidays growing up, I think about eating pumpkin pie for breakfast on Thanksgiving (and sometimes on Christmas, too), watching The Nutcracker on PBS on Christmas Eve, and of course watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Day. This year, I did none of those things! And oddly, I didn’t miss them too much, I suppose because we are in Texas away from family and because so much of our focus right now is on just getting through the days with the whole new baby and broken back situation.

Ideally I’d like to continue most of my childhood holiday traditions as well as create new ones for our little family. Of course most of the possible traditions I’m thinking of involve food! Some ideas include:

  • Seven Fishes Christmas Eve Dinner
  • Board games on Christmas Eve
  • Driving around to look at holiday decorations before Christmas
  • New pajamas for the kids on Christmas Eve
  • Eating something other than turkey for Christmas dinner–maybe a beef roast or beef bourguignon
  • A special New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day meal. Or maybe I should just get to decide on the New Year’s Day meal every year since it’s my birthday!
  • New Year’s Day hike (I’ve actually done this several times when it’s been freakishly warm, but I’d like to institute it as an official tradition!)

I’d also like to get in the habit of making Christmas cookies each year. This is something I did a lot in my high school and college years, but stopped doing as I got older and more focused on healthy eating. I am still enamored with healthy eating, but I want to provide balance for my kids in terms of having some treats for special occasions. I mean, I grew up gorging myself on Halloween candy and Christmas cookies and I turned out okay! I like the idea of having “signature” cookies that I make each year, but I’m also given to experimentation in the kitchen so who knows. Some options I’m already considering for next year:

All that being said, the real purpose of this post isn’t to tell you about our traditions, it’s to find out what your traditions are. I love hearing about the special and unique things that people do around the holidays, things they look forward to and that really “make” the season. So spill ’em! What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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