Have You Donated Yet?

I know everyone is telling you to donate money to the Haitian earthquake relief effort right now. So, um, have you?

When a huge tragedy occurs, sometimes I donate money and sometimes I don’t. What motivated me this time was the realization that there are people in Haiti who are just like me. Mothers with 7 month old babies who are just trying to get through the day and take care of their kids. Except their day is really, really awful and the stakes are totally different. Here I am thinking about Dylan’s naps and making sure he has developmentally appropriate toys, and there are mothers in Haiti who are just trying to keep their babies fed, healthy, alive. Of course if we could find out about every person affected by any large-scale tragedy there would inevitably be someone for each of us to identify with, but for some reason this time that thought really hit home for me. Haiti is a really poor country. If we (we being the people from the moneyed countries) don’t step in to help them out, who will?

Even if you think you have no money, you have enough to give something. It is very easy to feel bad and say a prayer for all of the people who are suffering in Haiti right now. But guess what? It is almost as easy to donate money to help them! I suggest choosing a large, established international aid organization, but I’m sure there are smaller organizations working in Haiti that are also legit.

Donation Resources
The NPR website has a brief list of organizations that you can donate to.

and NetworkForGood.org can help you evaluate charities and make donations to a broader range of NGOs.

And if you’re texty, you can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti (that $10, plus standard text messaging charges, will be charged to your cell phone bill).

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