Happy Anniversary

first dance

Today is our second wedding anniversary. In some ways that feels so insignificant since, in October, we’ll be celebrating 10 years together. 10 years! But, we always say getting married was one of the best things we ever did, and our wedding was totally kickass, so it’s definitely fun to celebrate.

For our anniversary I gave Brian a haircut that started out great, suffered a fatal mistake, and ended up with him getting a shaved head. In return, he gave me a mix tape (well, iPod playlist, really), and a link to the online application to be an extra on “Friday Night Lights”. We know how to do it up right!

Happy Anniversary Brian! You are the frosting on my cupcake, the marzipan in my ice cream, and the best friend a girl could have. I love you!



  • Jessica and Brian – Happy Wedding Anniversary! I’m so happy things are going well for both of you. My wife and I celebrated our 2 years yesterday (Sept 1st). We had take-out and fell asleep by 9pm. Since my wife Jen is pregnant, we don’t do much in the evenings any more 🙂 Funny how we were married and had kids in the same years.

  • Gosh — with all you’ve been through I’d thought it woulda been your 3rd, at least. 😉
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  • I wanna see pics of the shaved head!

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