Google Voice: It's a Hoot!

Do you use Google Voice? The concept is very cool, especially the idea of emailing transcripts of voicemail messages, so you can get your voicemail secretly while you are in meetings or otherwise unable to listen to it. Unfortunately, the voicemail transcripts it provides are just ridiculous because Google’s speech to text technology is lacking. I have yet to see a transcript that actually makes sense.

Here is the transcript of a voicemail I left Brian last week:

Hey Babe, It’s me, it’s noon. I was calling because I’m gonna do a load of dark laundry tonight. I want to know if you want me to grab here turning stone Jean, Pierre, Lucky jeans and talk to him and or any other dark stuff that it’s going around, so just let me know. Thanks. Bye.

Brian forwarded the transcript to me with the following message:

Hey, can you tell Pierre that the dark stuff is going around again? Last time he got that he threw up in my shoes and they never smelled the same again.


Oh, I got myself a funny one alright! I almost lizzed when I read his email. Seriously. [Is there anyone else out there who sees the “xoxo, B” and thinks of Gossip Girl? Let’s pretend Blair Waldorf sent me this email, which makes the whole thing even funnier.]

By the way, the voicemail message I left was actually about doing a load of dark laundry, but I don’t know anyone named Pierre. At least Google lets you provide feedback on the accuracy of the transcripts it creates, and I assume they are using this feedback to improve the speech to text technology that converts voicemails into transcripts. Inaccurate transcripts aside, Google Voice is a pretty amazing (free!) service that provides real world usefulness as well as comic relief. If you would like an invite to Google Voice just leave a comment on this post and I will hook you up!

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  • Lizzing! I hate when I laugh and whiz in my pants at the same time. But I love 30 Rock.

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