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I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post. When I started this blog, I had such high hopes of posting several times each week, including lots of photos, and creating a nice little online space for friends and family to keep up with me, Brian, and Cooper. But, life sometimes gets in the way of my efforts to document and reflect on it!

The past month has been a busy one. Brian turned 30 in mid-December, and we celebrated his birthday by watching the first two Lord of the Rings movies and eating a lot of chicken soup because he was sick. Getting him to watch those movies was a major achievement for me, since he’s made fun of me for liking them for years. Hopefully we’ll finish off the trilogy sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Brian’s birthday also marked the beginning of two straight weeks of crazy snowy weather here in Seattle. To everyone who told me it never snows here: you lie! I’m not even sure how much snow we got over that time, but I’m guessing it was in the neighborhood of 12 inches or so. For a city that rarely sees snow and doesn’t know how to deal with it, that’s monumental. The city basically shut down. Most roads weren’t plowed and were extremely hazardous to drive on if they were even passable at all, there was ice everywhere, it was a mess. I got pretty bad cabin fever because I couldn’t make it into the office. My bus wasn’t running for most of the last three weeks of the year, and even when it was there was no way that Brian was going to let his pregnant wife get on a bus when they were jack-knifing and sliding around all over the place (I wasn’t really willing to risk it either, but if I had tried Brian would have barricaded me inside).

In the midst of all the snowy madness our families showed up to spend the holidays with us. I have now officially been away from my Dad for the longest period ever, and it was so wonderful to see him again. Ditto Brian’s parents (I really hit the jackpot when I married into that family, let me tell you). There was much hugging, laughing, and general merriment the whole time that everyone was here. Luckily the snow melted before everyone left so we did have a couple days of unencumbered motoring around, but I think the gray and the damp really started to get to everyone even when we could get out and about. Unfortunately the clouds never lifted, we were hoping to show our families some views of the Olympics, Cascades, and Mt. Rainier. But, they will probably get to see all of that when they come back in June for the arrival of our baby.

The joy of the holidays was tempered with sadness because my Aunt Kathy lost her 14-month battle with pancreatic cancer and passed away on Christmas. While her death was not unexpected, I think we were all holding out hope that she would rebound from the recent bad turn her health had taken. We had a memorial service and reception for her on New Year’s Eve and spent the evening hanging out with family at my uncle’s house. We laid low on my birthday the next day, and my Dad and I had a cozy birthday dinner at a local Indian restaurant (Brian did not join us because he was recovering from some violent food poisoning or food allergy that struck him down early on New Year’s Day). The food was good, but I have been completely ruined by eating incredible Indian food at Udupi Palace in Langley Park, MD, and at countless events hosted by the Bhatia family over the years. No other Indian food measures up anymore! I can’t tell you what I’d give for some Aloo Gobi Masala from Udupi Palace right now, or Channa Batura, or some Samosas like the ones the Bhatias get for all of their parties. Man. I am going to have to take a trip back home just to eat!

I headed back to work this week, and despite my hideous commute was happy to get out of the house and back to some semblance of a regular schedule. I’m tired, though, and have realized that I may not be able to contribute around the house while working full-time like I could before I was pregnant. It’s a bummer, because I don’t want to put so much on Brian’s shoulders, so I’m working on finding the sweet spot that will allow me to still handle the bulk of our food preparation while helping with Cooper and working. Oh, and exercising and relaxing like I’m supposed to be doing! Ha!

I hope to be back in this space more regularly starting in the next couple of weeks, as I have much to share, including reports of the goings-on of the West Coast Pepplers, as well as recipes, photographs, and other fun tidbits from our lives. Brian and I hope that all of you are getting 2009 off to a great start!

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  • It was great visit for me, too — aside from the kidney stone, the wrenched shoulder, crappy driving conditions and Kathy’s passing. I was missing all of you even before the plane took off. Am really looking forward to coming out again in June.

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