Fingers For My Toes

Vibram Five Fingers
I really want a pair of Vibram Five Fingers shoes. They may not help me in my efforts to be stylish at all times, but oh I want them so bad. This past fall I got really into going barefoot around the house. I have always liked the feel of being barefoot, but usually avoided it because I have been conditioned my whole life to think I needed special support for my extremely flat feet. Well, then I read this article on Mark’s Daily Apple about strengthening flat feet and thought I’d give the barefoot thing a go. After an initial period of adaptation, during which my feet and lower legs were seriously achey, I was converted. I had previously suffered from plantar fasciitis as well as other foot pains related to weakness and tightness. After a few months of going barefoot 90% of the time I’m home (which is most of the time since my broken back has left me pretty house-bound), my plantar fasciitis and other issues have disappeared. I do notice that my pain returns if I revert to my old habits of always wearing slippers or flip-flops at home, or spend too much time out and about (which means I’m wearing shoes since I don’t go barefoot outside). So I’ve decided that I need a pair of Five Fingers for those times when I need some sort of shoe but want to keep that barefoot feel. The plan is to get black ones and use my powers of style to make them fashionable and cool! After all, a woman who is hobbled by foot pain is never chic.


  • Me, too! But I may need those toe-socks for use in colder months. 😉

    • some rergets. My biggest regret is in regards to my first phase (month 1). I used this phase as an Adaptive phase which is what it is designed to be. Looking back I probably could have pushed a bit harder. By the

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