Cross-Country Day 1

We actually stuck to our itinerary today and had a fairly easy and uneventful drive. The one exception to that happened about an hour into our trip when we found a dog on the side of I-70 near Hagerstown, MD. It had spent at least one night out in the elements and was wet and and scared but very sweet. It had a collar but no tags so we took it to the local humane society, where it will hopefully be reunited with its owner.

We are now set up at our campsite at Pokogon State Park in Indiana, where it has been raining off and on all day. Tonight’s forecast calls for thunderstorms – yay! Once we finish our dinner (Applebee’s, eaten in their parking lot) we’ll head back to camp, read for a bit, and turn in early.


  • I was watching the Notre Dame game in South Bend and saw a lot of rain — was wondering if it would affect you.

    That is a cute little puppy you rescued. I hope he finds his family.

    Have a good drive tomorrow. I assume Cooper is holding up okay.

    Love, Dad

  • OMG! How could you turn that puppy in? SOOOOOOOOO cute…. you know me… it would have been “new doggie #5″…. you did the right thing!
    I have njoyed your blog and pics so much. THANK YOU!!!!

  • I just called the shelter and learned the puppy was reunited with it’s owner later that day.

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