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I found out about CLAREVIVIER last spring when I stumbled upon Clare’s blog and saw the bag above. Love at first sight! That perfect specimen is her now-famous (or nearly so) La Tropezienne in scrumptious, delicious eco-tanned Italian remnant leather. I had one on order for about a week and then realized that I would probably not have much use for such a bag once Dylan arrived. (That turned out to be true. La Trop, though lovely, contains no pockets and no closure, two things that have gone from nice-to-have to essential in any bag I carry these days.) Clare herself is very sweet and was even going to make the bag special for me, with longer straps so I could carry it over my shoulder. Alas, it was not meant to be but I still think La Trop is the epitome of a simple, timeless, versatile, elegant bag. La Tropezienne can be yours, though the price has gone up from the bargain basement $150 I was going to pay in May to $240 (still a deal!) because of an increase in the price of the remnant leather used to make the bags.

Even though La Trop may not be the best choice for my lifestyle these days, there are still many other incredible options in the CLAREVIVIER line:

Navy Messenger Tote
Messenger Tote in rich navy leather. I’m really into navy lately, especially with black and brown. This is the perfect goes-with-everything-but-is-still-interesting shade of blue. I am also a huge sucker for anything that can be worn cross-body, which is probably somehow related to years of riding around on my bike with a messenger bag. It just feels like the most practical and comfortable way to wear a bag, and it’s also kind of sporty and jaunty, no? This tote has the added bonus of little satchel handles for those times when you are feeling posh. (Or for when wearing the thing cross-body would make your skirt ride up.)

Remake Clutches

Remake Clutches in a rainbow of colors. Don’t they look like candy? I want several of these. They are all fantastic, but I especially love the bright blues, reds, and greens with contrasting zippers and the white lacy leather. Oh, and the black patent is hot. And that camel with the red zipper is so lux. Yeah, I want them all. Many sizes, for every occasion!

French Linen Zip Sac
French Linen Zip Sac with a super cool chain-link print and contrasting zipper. Neutral but still distinctive, this would be so perfect for summer days.

Wrist Wrap
Wrist Wrap in mirrored silver leather. Not a bag, but it would look so good on the arm carrying your bag. It also comes studded, but I prefer it without. So chic!

remake clutch for Target
Last, but certainly not least, this is a special Remake Clutch for Target’s Red Hot Shop. It’s a big deal for a small, new designer to get featured at a big store like Target. I didn’t know about their Red Hot Shop before but it’s curated in partnership with Daily Candy and the items change every month. Bonus for you is that this clutch is priced $15 cheaper than the remake clutches available directly from CLAREVIVIER, so it’s a good way to support an emerging designer while saving yourself a little dough. I am a big fan of embossed leather and love the patent camel and flat black together, especially with the red tassel–so cute!


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