Bugaboo Bee Stroller Recall

bugaboo bee stroller

I found out the other day that the stroller we purchased has been recalled due to possibility of brake failure. Apparently no one has been hurt yet, but Bugaboo has received reports of the brake failing, which could cause the stroller to roll away on an incline. They’ve already fixed the problem in production by adding brackets to secure the functioning of the brake, but for those of us who don’t have the brackets, Bugaboo will provide them free of charge. I was so happy to find out that we didn’t have to go through the rigmarole of returning or replacing our stroller. I ordered our brackets online a couple of days ago and they arrived today – very quick service! We have not installed them yet but it looks like it will be pretty straightforward.

Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for more information on the recall. You can also go straight to the Bugaboo site to confirm whether or not you need the brackets and if so, order them.

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  • Seems to have been appropriately named…. 😉

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