Last week the three of us went on a walk to the overlook in our neighborhood so we could watch the sunset. It was pretty but so cold! When we got home I heard on NPR that it was 45 degrees outside, but the tricky thing about Seattle is that it feels much, much colder because of the dampness. I had on a sweater, shearling boots, a scarf, and my winter coat, but I could have used another layer of clothing, a hat, and some gloves. And because our house is not insulated (ridiculous, I know, and NO, we would not have rented it had we known that in advance), I left my outdoor ensemble on when we got home!

Dramatic sky and twinkling marina.

Slightly less dramatic sky with the Olympic mountain range in the background.

I know this is a really crappy shot, but I haven’t shared too many pictures of our house since we moved (mostly because it is a disaster) and figured this one would do for now. This is what our living room looks like these days. The room is a strange shape with poorly-placed doorways, so we have no idea how to arrange it. For those who are interested, Cooper was laying at my feet staring me down because he wanted his dinner. He was 30 minutes early, I think the fact that it gets dark so early really throws him off.

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