$240 Worth of Pudding

$240 worth of pudding

Exerpt from a Google chat between me and Brian earlier today:

Me: I just realized that I bought TWO cases of Chocolove.

Brian: wow.

Me: Yeah, I got emails from Amazon about what has shipped and what has not and now I see my mistake. I guess b/c I already had some in my cart from when I was on the desktop, so when I went to make the purchase on the laptop there was already chocolate in my cart and I didn’t realize it.

Brian: wow.

Me: sorry

Brian: i was wondering how you spent so much money.

Me: Well, now you know!

Brian: that should last us over a year.

Me: $60 of chocolate. Uh, yeah. Especially b/c I don’t eat much chocolate anymore

Brian: $200 of pudding

Me: huh?

Brian: sorry, make that $240 worth of pudding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpuUemDBz-8

Me: sweet nothings! cook & chill!

Brian: that was MY youth. love that shit.

Me: oh man. now I understand you on a much deeper level

Brian: google “i wanna dip my balls in it” sometime.

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